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Employment-Based Immigration & Business Immigration

I have extensive experience developing effective business immigration and employment-based immigration solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes. I use my business immigration law experience to represent employers and employees of startup companies, small businesses, multinational corporations, nonprofits, schools, hospitals, and colleges. I devise employment-based immigration strategies for companies in various fields, including technology, finance, hospitality, and construction industries. My approach remains the same regardless of the size of your company or your industry. I listen to your goals and develop a customized business immigration law solution tailored to your company’s needs. My employment-based USA visa services include:

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Hiring Foreign Employees

I help your organization meet its growth and talent goals by sponsoring an employment-based visa for your foreign national employees, including local hires, intracompany transfers, temporary or seasonal workers, or foreign trainees, among others.

Employment-Based Visas

I help you obtain all of the various employment-based visas available to foreigners in the United States. I rely on my business immigration law knowledge to develop your personal employment-based visa USA strategy. I devise customized business immigration solutions allowing your business to sponsor an employment-based visa for foreign employees in all nonimmigrant visa categories, including:

  • H-1B  Specialty Workers
  • H-1B1  Chilean & Singaporean Specialty Workers
  • TN Canadian & Mexican Professionals
  • E-1  Treaty Trader & Employees
  • E-2 Treaty Investor & Employees
  • E-3 Australian Professionals
  • O-1  Individuals with Extraordinary Ability
  • L-1  Intracompany Transferees
  • P-1  Internationally Recognized Athletes
  • H-2B/H-2A  Temporary Seasonal Workers
  • B-1  Temporary Business Visitors

I advise your organization on long-term business immigration solutions for your foreign employees. This includes advising on employment-based immigration green card sponsorship, including PERM Labor Certification representation, and applications for US citizenship. I develop your organization’s customized business immigration visa USA strategy. I assist your company with all green card application types and processes, including:

  • EB-1 Priority Workers
  • EB-1-A Individuals of Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1-B Outstanding Professors or Researchers
  • EB-1-C Multinational Managers and Executives
  • EB-2 Employment-Based Second Preference
  • Professionals holding an advanced degree or those with exceptional ability
  • EB-3 Employment-Based Third Preference
  • Skilled Workers whose job requires a minimum of 2 years training or work experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature
  • Other Workers performing unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years training or experience, not of a temporary or seasonal nature
  • Professionals with at least a US bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalent
  • PERM Labor Certification
  • EB-2 and EB-3 green cards require the applicant to undergo the Permanent Labor Certification process, or PERM process, to prove to that no qualified US worker was available for the position
  • US Citizenship & Naturalization
  • I represent your permanent resident employees who wish to become US citizens

I assist your international employees in obtaining an employment-based immigration visa at a US consulate, embassy, or border crossing so that they may temporarily travel or work in the US. I use my business immigration law experience to guide and advise your employees through the employment-based visa USA process, including applying for temporary work visas for US assignments or business travel visas to attend conferences or meetings in the US.

Intracompany Transfers

I use customized employment-based immigration solutions to help your organization transfer key personnel from your international offices to your US operations. This can include a short-term project for a foreign engineer with specialized knowledge, or a long-term assignment for your top manager who will lead a vital component of your US business. I also regularly represent foreign companies in opening a new US subsidiary and transferring key foreign employees to develop the US enterprise. Regardless of your particular situation, I will always listen to your organization’s needs and advise on the best business immigration visa USA strategy. Employment-based visa types I regularly work with for intracompany transfers include:

  • L-1  Intracompany Transferees
  • TN  Canadian & Mexican Professionals
  • E-1  Treaty Trader & Employees
  • E-2  Treaty Investor & Employees

Immigration Compliance, Audits & Policy Advice

I rely on my immigration litigation experience and thorough understanding of business immigration law to provide strategic counsel to your organization and help prepare company policies and programs that ensure compliance with all federal laws and regulations governing employment-based immigration. I represent your organization whether you are in the midst of a federal agency audit, investigation, or enforcement-related litigation.

Worksite Compliance

I advise your organization in various worksite compliance matters related to employment-based immigration, including:

  • I-9  Compliance
  • E-Verify  Compliance
  • H-1B Labor Condition Application (LCA) Compliance
  • Social Security No-Match  Compliance

Drawing on my federal litigation and business immigration law experience, I conduct internal and defensive audits to ensure your company’s continuous compliance with relevant business immigration laws. In internal audits, I review all relevant employee files, advise on necessary changes, and help you establish effective policies that will help you pass a future government audit. In defensive audits, I advocate and represent you through all stages of a federal government agency audit.
I work closely with you and your HR department to develop effective employment-based immigration policies and hiring strategies. I help draft and implement I-9 and E-Verify policies. I also regularly provide training and develop other solutions for your employees, such as handbooks or manuals, to ensure your company remains in compliance with all business immigration laws and regulations.

Litigation & Advocacy

Have you received an unfair decision from USCIS or the Department of Labor regarding an employment-based visa or employment-based green card? Or is the government threatening an immigration compliance related law suit against your organization? As a former US Department of Justice Trial Attorney who represented US government agencies in immigration related litigation, I have the federal litigation experience needed to challenge unfair government actions and decisions.

Global Immigration

Are you looking to transfer a US employee to your international office? I can assist you to spot issues and help your company obtain a business visitor, work, or other visa in numerous locations around the world. In this regard, I regularly work with trusted colleagues specializing in global mobility and immigration law in various international cities.

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