Intellectual Property Services
Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Legal Services

Pandev Law’s intellectual property legal services deliver comprehensive, practical legal advice and representation focused on maximizing and protecting your intellectual property assets and growing your company’s online presence. Clients value our multidisciplinary approach, combining our business transaction and intellectual property experience, and our high-quality, creative legal solutions in intellectual property transactions. Our intellectual property practice represents clients throughout the United States and worldwide. Our intellectual property legal services cover a wide range of areas, including:

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IP Transactions & Licensing
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IP Transactions & Licensing

Pandev Law’s intellectual property practice has extensive experience representing clients in transactions involving their intellectual property assets. Our IP lawyers understand that intellectual property is often an organization’s most important asset. We counsel clients in licensing, joint ventures, development, sales and purchases of intellectual property. Pandev Law’s international experience, having worked with technology companies on every continent, have made us a leader in cross-border IP transactions. Combining our international business transaction and intellectual property legal services experience, our attorneys represent clients in:

  • IP licensing agreements
  • Acquisitions and sales of IP assets
  • Contribution of IP in joint ventures
  • IP due diligence for financing and investment transactions
  • IP securitization and debt transactions
  • IP holding company formation
  • Offshore IP transactions
  • Technology transfer, outsourcing, and other similar IP agreements

Pandev Law’s intellectual property practice counsels entrepreneurs and business leaders across a wide range of sectors on how to protect and maximize the value of IP assets in business transactions. We help clients structure complex multi-party joint ventures and strategic alliances, conduct due diligence, and value IP portfolios. We use our lawyers’ industry knowledge to devise legal solutions tailored to your business goals.

Internet & E-Commerce

Internet & E-Commerce

Pandev Law’s intellectual property legal services include advice on navigating the complexities of your company’s online presence. If your business has a website, a mobile app, podcast, or social media account, you could benefit from a comprehensive legal strategy that maximizes your return from your online presence while mitigating the risk of legal liability. Our attorneys serve as strategic counsel to SaaS companies, application service providers, audio and video streaming companies, software and application developers, and online merchants. Our intellectual property lawyers represent clients in various internet and e-commerce matters covering websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms, including:

  • E-commerce and online transactions
  • End user license agreements
  • Privacy policy and disclaimers
  • Terms and conditions / Terms of use / Terms of service
  • Copyright policy and acceptable use policy
  • Forum community guidelines
  • Web hosting and internet access agreements
  • Website and mobile app development agreements
  • Content licensing agreements
  • Click-through agreements
  • Website content and clearance
  • Social media platform compliance
  • Amazon, eBay, and digital marketplace compliance

Pandev Law’s intellectual property legal services lawyers have extensive experience in drafting agreements, policies, and disclaimers for websites, mobile applications, and other digital platforms. As your committed partner, we help you stay compliant with the ever-changing terms and conditions of online marketplaces and social media platforms. Our IP attorneys craft legal solutions tailored to your online business needs – whether your focus is business-to-consumer or business-to-business.

Website agreements

Website agreements

Website agreements, such as terms of service, privacy policies, and license agreements protect you from legal liability and risks posed by your website. Activities conducted by visitors on your website trigger different state and federal laws and regulations. A legal relationship is formed between the website owner and the visitor even if the visitor’s identity remains unknown or the visitor never purchases anything on the website.

Your legal compliance risks are further increased by the global nature of the internet with individuals from all corners of the world accessing your website, thereby potentially exposing you to the internet laws of various jurisdictions worldwide. Website agreements serve the critical role of helping you set the terms of your relationship with website visitors and thereby allowing you to stay compliant with regulations and to mitigate legal risks. Our intellectual property legal services attorneys use their years of contract drafting and internet law experience to draft website agreements. Our website agreement services include:

Terms and Conditions

Pandev Law’s global reach and in-depth understanding of contract law allows our IP lawyers to provide your business with well-drafted terms and conditions tailored to your business needs. We focus on reducing your liability while maximizing your returns from your web presence. Our lawyers understand that the strength of your websites’ terms and conditions is the difference between your website functioning as an endless funnel of new customers versus it being a liability exposing you to lawsuits and enforcement actions.

Our intellectual property legal services practice has deep experience assessing the risk profile of e-commerce businesses, SaaS providers, digital content creators and distributors, online media publications, and many other web-based businesses. We draft customized website terms and conditions, terms of use, and terms of service agreements, among many others. Our attorneys help you understand the legal risks associated with your online business strategy and devise creative legal solutions to address your needs.

A complex regulatory framework governs the collection, use, and sharing of information about your website visitors. Jurisdictions worldwide are increasingly implementing regulations mandating the use of privacy policies that describe how and when website visitor information is gathered, shared, and protected. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union are just some recent regulations that require website owners to have detailed, clear, and conspicuous privacy policies.

Our attorneys’ international focus and years of internet and technology law experience helps us craft website privacy policies that are tailored to client needs and compliant with all relevant regulations. Given Pandev Law’s focus on foreign companies entering the US market, a niche practice of ours is advising on privacy policy compliance for international brands with a newly established US presence. We also regularly counsel US companies that are expanding overseas and are exposed to overseas data privacy regulations.

Given the severe penalties, including exorbitant fines, of non-compliance with data privacy laws, it is critical that any website owner establish compliant policies for gathering and storing customer data. Our intellectual property legal services focus on devising privacy policies that comply with relevant regulations while also allowing you to continue to grow your online business presence.

Your business may republish or reuse published materials through a content license, also known as a copyright license. Many websites contain active tools, blogs, articles, videos, and other valuable content created by the website owner. Some websites also contain content initially posted on other websites and online platforms. Regardless of whether you are the content creator or distributor of someone else’s content, you are a party to a content licensing agreement. This makes a content license a critical tool in protecting your business from legal liability and in maximizing your return from your online content.

An internet content license specifies which rights you grant to users and the payment you expect in return for those rights. If you reuse or republish content created by others, a content license clarifies how you may use the content, ensures you receive all rights you paid for, and protects you from lawsuits by the content creator. Our intellectual property legal services lawyers take an objective approach to drafting content license agreements, focusing on including key terms that achieve your business goals. Our intellectual property attorneys have experience with complex content license agreements involving end-user created content. We focus on minimizing your liability while maximizing your return from your content.

Social media

Social Media

Pandev Law’s social media lawyers know how to successfully navigate the ever-changing social media landscape. We understand that clients need legal counsel with experience, international reach and an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions of social media platforms. Our social media attorneys work with clients to develop effective social media compliance programs, whether it’s for a new business or an established global brand with an extensive social media presence. We use our intellectual property legal services, compliance, and internet law experience to represent clients in the following social media matters:

  • Social media platform compliance
  • Social media regulatory compliance
  • Social media intellectual property
  • Social media affiliate advertising
  • Social media endorsements

Pandev Law’s social media attorneys have a deep understanding of the terms of use of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms. We understand the importance of quickly capitalizing on new social media platform features. Our social media lawyers keep up-to-date with platform terms and conditions and are able to provide effective legal advice as soon as new advertising features are rolled out. Social media activity has been in regulators' crosshairs for a while – whether it’s the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Our principal attorney’s experience as Trial Attorney at the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC provides us with the handson regulatory background to assist clients in identifying and mitigating regulatory risks of social media campaigns.

Our social media lawyers use their intellectual property legal services experience to provide strategic guidance on how to share, repost, and republish content created by others without infringing on trademark, copyright, and other IP rights. Influencer, endorser, and affiliate advertising strategies are critical to successful social media campaigns. Our social media attorneys perform extensive due diligence before clients engage influencers and affiliates. We draft influencer and affiliate agreements that ensure their performance and a return on your campaign. Our international capability puts us at an advantage in drafting cross-border social media service agreements, the importance of which has exploded as social media became the main driver of cross-border e-commerce sales. Our clients’ record of tremendous social media success speaks to the quality and effectiveness of our legal representation.

Trademark & Copyright Prosecution

Trademark & Copyright Prosecution

Pandev Law’s intellectual property legal services practice is dedicated to protecting your brand and original work through comprehensive trademark and copyright filing and prosecution representation. We understand the importance of brand protection before entering the US market. Our IP lawyers develop comprehensive brand protection and trademark prosecution strategies for foreign companies expanding to the United States. We advise international clients with multinational trademark portfolios on protecting their brands in the United States and provide representation before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Our experienced trademark lawyers use our firm’s extensive global network to help US companies protect their brands as they scale their overseas operations.

The international nature of our practice makes us uniquely capable of representing foreign creators in protecting original works. Our copyright lawyers obtain copyright registrations for software, websites, books, video games, art work, and many other original works. We represent foreign creators before the US Copyright Office and file registrations with the Electronic Copyright Office (eCO). Our attorneys rely on their intellectual property experience to advise on complex copyright matters and documentation requirements to protect clients from ownership disputes involving employees and independent contractors.

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection

Cybersecurity and data protection are widely regarded as the top risk management concern of the 21st century. Cyber attacks and data breaches only continue to increase as companys’ dependence on network applications and digital technologies grows. The multinational nature of work in the digital age, with companies having international offices and outsourced service providers, has only exacerbated the risks of data and privacy protection. Businesses are constantly wondering how to balance the need to increase efficiency through technology while also safeguarding confidential, proprietary and personal information. As part of our intellectual property legal services, our attorneys craft comprehensive, real-world legal strategies that mitigate the risks of privacy and data security. Our services include:

  • Review existing enterprise-wide data policies
  • Develop and implement new privacy policies
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Cloud computing agreements
  • Professional services agreements
  • Software license agreements
  • Data breach crisis counseling

Pandev Law’s attorneys draw on their broad experience in intellectual property, regulatory compliance, and cross-border transactions to protect against the data and privacy risks involved in working with outside service providers. Our depth and breadth of experience in international transactions allows us to draft comprehensive international vendor and outsourcing agreements that mitigate liability by explicitly specifying data and information protection requirements. We provide strategic advice on how to comply with state, federal, and international privacy and data protection laws and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Adrian Pandev

As the principal attorney at Pandev Law, I have helped hundreds of foreign individuals and companies successfully navigate their journey to the United States. Previously, I served as Trial Attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, I represent foreign investors, founders, and high-net-worth-individuals in business, immigration, and wealth planning matters. I am an early proponent of blockchain technology and serve as strategic advisor to blockchain startups and cryptocurrency investors. Selected to the Super Lawyers New York Rising Starslist 2019-2021. Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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