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H-1B Change of Status Approval for an IT Specialist

H-1B approval

Pandev Law’s immigration law office recently acquired an H-1B visa approval for an IT specialist. The key requirements for being granted an H-1B visa are (1) at least a bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to the H-1B position, and (2) a valid US job offer for a specialty occupation position. 

If you want to read more about the process of acquiring an H-1B visa, or would like to know more about the requirements, please refer to our article on the H-1B visa.

If you: 

  • Would like a customized employment-based US immigration strategy;
  • Are a foreign professional or employer in search of the US business visa best suited for you and your business needs;
  • Would like help with preparing and filing your H-1B visa petition;


Our immigration lawyer can devise an H-1B business visa strategy made to fit the particular needs of your case and prepare your H-1B petition in accordance with all the pertinent employment-based immigration rules. 

We at Pandev Law, LLC can offer you the knowledge and expertise to help you successfully acquire an H-1B visa approval. 

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I offer confidential 30 minute & 1 hour consultations.

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